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Stretching the Legs of my Elite T-Class Time Trial Bike

How to win a free pair of Sock Guy cycling socks Today was my first ride of 2012 on Zonker, my time trial bike. I posted this morning on my Strava.com profile [http://strava.com/athletes/robertwhess] that I’ll send a free pair of … Continue reading

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Minorities, Especially Blacks, are More Willing to Spend All for Cancer Care

Cure or Prevention. Where Should Our Focus Be? I just read the article below my comments and several questions come to mind: First, why are minorities more willing to devote all of their financial resources to curing their disease, and … Continue reading

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Did You Know You Have a Great Cancer Prevention Tool in Your Garage?

One-third of Cancers Come From Lack of Exercise and Poor Nutritional Habits American Cancer Society (ACS) research provides this startling figure: we could save 187,000 American lives each year if we simply exercised more and ate better. To me, that’s … Continue reading

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Clinical Advances for Metastastic Prostate Cancer

Very Interesting Video About a New Drug A great many visitors to this blog are looking for survival probability information.  Some of the key search terms bringing people here to our 29000Men blog are: prostate cancer survival probability, prostate cancer prevention, prostate … Continue reading

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How Fred Helps With My Prostate Cancer Recurrence Prevention

Exercise and Good Nutrition is the Best Insurance Plan I’ve posted before about the connection research is discovering between cancer, exercise, and nutrition. A recent article noted that, while all exercise is good, intense exercise provides the most protection. [Hard … Continue reading

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The Humble Soy Bean

A Soybean Extract May Help Prevent Metastasis A 11 November article in Medical News Today cites research at the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University that demonstrates that a non-toxic soybean extract, genistein, inhibits prostate cancer cells from becoming … Continue reading

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Don’t Think You Need to Have an Annual PSA Test?

If Only He Had Known Here’s a very sad story from a bulletin board I follow that clearly demonstrates why it’s important to test and once again points out the strong trend within the medical community against PSA testing. The … Continue reading

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