I created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) because of my own accidental diagnosis.  Barring the fortuitous chain of events that led to my diagnosis, I would be dead from metastatic prostate cancer.

The PCAP’s mission is to ensure that men are aware of the prostate cancer risk and that no man is presented with a surprise metatastatic prostate cancer diagnosis.

Please take a minute a download your own PSA Tracker from our website and begin following your individual PSA trend.  If the number rises .75 from one year to the next, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

How You Can Help

I hope you will join us in our awareness mission.  You can help simple by printing PSA Trackers and giving them to your colleagues.  You can download and print PSA Trackers from the “PSA Tracker” tab on our website.


Donations are the lifeblood of every non-profit and any amount is a big help.  You can make a contribution through Network for Good at http://bit.ly/Donate29000Men.

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are fully tax deductible and you will receive a donation letter for filing with your IRS return.

Thank you in advance for supporting this critical mission.

Warm regards,


2 Responses to About

  1. Robert a moving warts and all account of your journey so far with prostate cancer. I too have metastatic prostate cancer I too have done the swearing and denial thing but like you I now I decide on which treatment will hopefully be best for me and then get on with my research into prostate cancer so that when I am doing my prostate cancer awareness campaign it is from a position of knowing about the disease and some understanding of living with it. Too true prostate cancer SUCKS and there may be no way out for some of us but with a passion I will spend the rest of my life on my mission of awareness here in the UK. I dont ask for donations I do what I do because I want to make a difference to the men in this world and the ones who love them. Robert I can see you have the resolve to take this chemo stuff on the chin and I wish you well I will certainly be following your progress and if there is ever anything you think i could help with please let me know.
    Here in the UK the health service announced yesterday that it is about to reject Zytiga (Abiraterone) on the grounds of cost it was our equivalent of Provenge in the US (although this is an entirely different form of treatment) it is the one treatment other than chemo that could currently help some bony mets men in the UK. Yesterday I had a follower Eddy call me asking if they were going to stop his Abiraterone here was a guy who 12 months ago was spending 18 hrs a day in bed waiting to die within 24 hours he was walking to the shop and in the last 4 months he has climbed several mountains. Another follower Helen called me in tears as only last week her father had been told that Abiraterone was almost his last chance and she wanted to know if he would no longer be allowed Abiraterone.
    As you know only too well Robert having this awful disease is bad enough but to be denied access to drugs that give quality of life to some men based on flawed cost calculations is almost criminal and amounts to discrimination . Keith

    • Keith: Thank you for your post. The story I shared in my previous post was not about me, but about a close friend. At the 8 year point, my prostate cancer remains in remission, at least the PSA number has not yet reached the 0.1 level. My goal is to get us to the point where we men understand that we need to test early and personally track our PSA data. By this summer, I’ll have a free Internet-based system with automatic reminders. Anyone interested can join our mailing list and be notified when the system goes live http://eepurl.com/g6uiA. God bless and keep you. Warm regards, Robert

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