Free PSA Tracker

Prostate Cancer Statistics – Not Improving

By the end of 2011, almost 34,000 men will have died from prostate cancer in 2011 alone.

Since the declaration of the War on Cancer by President Richard M. Nixon in 1971, more than 1.4 million men have died from this disease, and the annual prostate cancer death tool has risen almost 27% since 2008, according to American Cancer Society statistics.

How we Can Turn The Prostate Cancer Death Toll Around

Men can’t survive prostate cancer if they don’t know they have it while their disease is still in a treatable stage.

The best current prostate cancer screening tool is the PSA test.  It’s not perfect, but it currently is the best test the medical science community can offer.

The best indicator of aggressive prostate cancer is a rising PSA from one year to the next. But, most men do not follow this year-over-year change.

Beginning June 17, 2012, the Prostate Cancer Awareness project will launch a free Internet-based PSA tracking service available to all men.  The “ProstateTracker” will show year-over-year PSA trends in an easy to understand format.

How to Create Your Free ProstateTracker Account

Simply visit and join the email list and we’ll provide sign-up information in early-June, 2012.

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