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The AUA Weighs in on the PSA Testing Discussion

The AUA released the following statement on March 26, 2009. As noted, the statement is attributal to Dr. John Barry, AUA president. As a prostate cancer survivor focused on early detection and treatment, this seems a very balanced statement. Your … Continue reading

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PCA3. Another Potential Tool?

The ongoing debate over the value and validity of the PSA test continues. The following article comes from a respected source in the United Kingdom. From the prostate cancer survivor side of the issue, we read many, many accounts of … Continue reading

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Should Men Be Screened For Prostate Cancer?

Just last week, two major studies on the usefulness of screening men for prostate cancer were released; one was a US study and the other was done in Europe. You can find a good summary article written by Tara Parker-Pope … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer Survivor Preaches Testing

Convincing men to test for prostate cancer is an ongoing challenge. A recent article in the South Florida Times provides a great example. A 46 year old man recently diagnosed with prostate cancer organized a free seminar attended by 80 … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer Screening. Doing More Harm Than Good?

Following is a link to a recent Reader’s Digest article on cancer screening. ( The article summarizes some current thinking that too much screening causes unnecessary treatment of cancers that will never become life threatening. The author cites the views … Continue reading

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First Post

This blog will chronicle my journey through life with prostate cancer as my wingman. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002, and underwent radical prostatectomy in May 2003. Since then, I have continued my business life and created … Continue reading

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