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Minorities, Especially Blacks, are More Willing to Spend All for Cancer Care

Cure or Prevention. Where Should Our Focus Be? I just read the article below my comments and several questions come to mind: First, why are minorities more willing to devote all of their financial resources to curing their disease, and … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Juice – Tart but True

Pomegranate Juice – Benefits Seem to Be There The following post appeared this morning in the Advance Cancer Blog: “In 2005 there was a small clinical trial performed at UCLA evaluating pomegranate juice and its ability to control PSA for … Continue reading

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Did You Know You Have a Great Cancer Prevention Tool in Your Garage?

One-third of Cancers Come From Lack of Exercise and Poor Nutritional Habits American Cancer Society (ACS) research provides this startling figure: we could save 187,000 American lives each year if we simply exercised more and ate better. To me, that’s … Continue reading

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Does Treatment Choice Affect Long-term Survival?

Long-term Survival is a Topic Near and Dear to My Heart Like most cancer survivors, I’m constantly on the lookout for new research that might provide new insights into my personal longevity and actions I can take personally to improve … Continue reading

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