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What’s a Plant Based Diet? And why does it Matter?

  On the Road to Recurrence? I’m now mid-way through my ninth year as a prostate cancer survivor, which means that I’m approaching the 10 year point where prostate cancer tends to recur, it it’s going to. Two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer Pony Express Stories and PC Myths

The media continues to publish articles that reinforce the memes that prostate cancer is an old man’s disease and that annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) screening causes more harm than good. I don’t believe this is true and the stories … Continue reading

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Guys Don’t Let Guys Get Prostate Cancer

Next Tuesday is the first Tuesday in November, which is Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s monthly Prostate Cancer Awareness Day. Guys, this month you need to do three things: 1 – Create your free, anonymous PSA tracking account at 2 … Continue reading

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