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Prostate Cancer Awareness Guy’s 4-Hour Body

You Can Never Be Too Thin or Too Fast If you follow this blog, you know that one of the key elements of my personal prostate cancer battle plan is keeping my weight down, and I do this through my … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories about PSA Testing

Uncertain about the Value of PSA Testing?  Read What Survivors Say Comment by Bruce: From what I had been reading for research after my initial diagnosis a few  years ago, the PSA seems like it no longer is being viewed … Continue reading

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The 11th Wonder of the World!

Here’s The Reason the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Exists The following quote comes from a prostate cancer survivor group I belong to: “At the age of 51, three years ago, I was diagnosed with metastatic PC, Gleason 3+4, and a … Continue reading

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How Did You Make Your Treatment Decision?

The Emperor of All Maladies A recently published book calls cancer “The Emperor of all Maladies,” and I can’t imagine any medical diagnosis that brings more fear and dread in its wake. Despite all of the research and investment focused … Continue reading

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Best Breakfast in Palm Springs

When in Palm Springs. . . Visit Georgie’s Alibi I’m not someone who could be called a gourmand, but I am a bit of a gourmet, and I love to find fun place to eat with good food at reasonable … Continue reading

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Does Treatment Choice Affect Long-term Survival?

Long-term Survival is a Topic Near and Dear to My Heart Like most cancer survivors, I’m constantly on the lookout for new research that might provide new insights into my personal longevity and actions I can take personally to improve … Continue reading

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