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Dr. Snuffy Myers on how to prevent prostate cancer recurrence

As an eight year prostate cancer survivor myself, prostate cancer recurrence prevention, or PCa Growth Arrest as Dr. Myers terms it, is number one of my list of priorities. I’ve met and talked with Dr. Myers twice at the annual … Continue reading

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Why a Bowl of Cereal and a Banana for Breakfast will Make you Fat

Why the traditional bowl of cereal with milk and a banana may be the worst thing we can eat! The following link will take you to a recent video by Dr. Snuffy Myers on metabolic syndrome and why our traditional … Continue reading

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Do You Bring Home the Bacon?

Nutrition and Prostate Cancer – Omega 6 versus Omega 3 If you are a prostate cancer survivor like me, you may spend a fair amount time trying to ensure that your diet is as healthy as possible while still having … Continue reading

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Dr. Snuffy Myers – Prostate Cancer Survivor

We’re All Looking for Risk Information As I look at the people visiting my blog and the search terms they use to arrive here, it’s clear that many, many men and or their significant others are seeking information on their … Continue reading

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Vegan- Vegetarian – Mediterranean – Which One is Right?

What Should Prostate Cancer Survivors Be Eating? Other than the value of the PSA test, I have found this to be one of the most often discussed topics over the past 8 years as a survivor. I’ve read literally thousands … Continue reading

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