How Fred Helps With My Prostate Cancer Recurrence Prevention

Exercise and Good Nutrition is the Best Insurance Plan
I’ve posted before about the connection research is discovering between cancer, exercise, and nutrition.

A recent article noted that, while all exercise is good, intense exercise provides the most protection. [Hard exercise reduces prostate cancer mortality considerably.]

I work out in the gym, walk, do yoga once weekly, and I’m looking for a Tai Chi class. My really hard exercise, though, comes from bicycling. Below is a post from my MyBikeInfo blog about my new bicycle that I’ll be using on my prostate cancer awareness rides and events.

If you don’t already, consider adding cycling to your exercise routine. Just find your local bike shop; they can connect you to a local bicycling club.

Here’s my post ay

I Didn’t Think My New Ride Would Cost What it Did
I’ve finally finished the build of my new Formigli steel classic frame. I absolutely love it and I’ll describe the components below. I was fortunate to have a brother-in-law in the business who helped me keep control the cost on my SRAM components and Ted’s Manhattan Cycles (Manhattan Beach, CA) gave me the South Bay Wheelmen club discount. This really helped, but the total cost of the completed bicycle still was in excess of $5,000, which really is a fair piece of change – at least it is for me.

How I’m Going to Safeguard “Fred”
My previous post describes how Fred Formigli earned his name. I’m going to insurance Fred through the new bicycle insurance program offered by USA Cycling, but I’m tracking all of the component information and the purchase price in my MyBikeInfo iPhone App. [see the images below].

If I ever loose the bike or if someone “borrows’ it, I simply export the information and the photos and give the data to the policy and to my insurance company. Fred is at the bottom of the image.


Fred’s Setup
A number of people have asked my how I’ve equipped Fred, so here it is. Steel frame is a bit heavier than carbon, but I only race in the velodrome and in road time trial events, so Fred is setup for century rides and climbs.

OK. Here we go:

Weight – 21 pounds
Frame – Columbus steel with steel fork
Drive train – SRAM Force with SRAM Rival to accommodate the 11-32 rear cassette
Rear wheel – Zipp Flash Point 38 mm
Front wheel – Zipp 404 ( I swap this wheel between Fred and Zonker (my Elite T Class time trial bike)
Classic Steel wire water bottle cages
Fizik Arione seat
Cane creek head set
SRAM bottom bracket
Look Arc pedals – I use these because I have 5 bicycles with these pedals, the work fine and I don’t want to replace them. I snag replacement cleats from the Internet, thanks to the “Long Tail.”


The Build Up
Manny Felix, who I believe is the best mechanic in the South Bay – if not in all of Los Angeles did the build out and Ted Ernst did the fitting. Fred got his maiden voyage on January 28th, and he will take me through the Palm Springs Century at the end of this month.


Ted’s Manhattan Cycles
In my view, the best bike shop in the South Bay



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