Why men need to track their PSA tests personally

Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds
The following excerpt comes from the Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak website – www.prostatecancersurvivorsspeak.com

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Chapter 4:
Don’t Let Your Health Insurance Kill You!

Mac Ogilvie was a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and served his country for twenty six years before retiring from the service. For the past twelve years he has been a math teacher and athletic coach at the James Fenimore Cooper Middle School in McLean, Virginia. He and his wife, Trudy, live in Springfield, Virginia, about an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C. At the time of this interview he was fifty-nine. Mac is a pleasant, engaging and slightly balding man with blue eyes. His children tease him, insisting he has but four hairs left on his head. Trudy is an ashy blond with what her husband describes as “great legs.”

Malcolm Ogilvie’s health maintenance organization failed to inform him that his PSA numbers were relatively high and were continuing to rise. In June of 2005, his HMO physician performed a DRE ( digital rectal exam) and felt a suspicious bulge on his prostate, then did a PSA which turned out to be 6.8. His Gleason score was 7. The doctor then checked back over his records and told him his PSA taken the previous three years were outside the safe range.

“When I heard that, I figured I was about two years late! I liked my doctor, but at the same time I realized he screwed up. I’d known people who found out they had cancer early and who had surgery, and they said if you get it early, it is treatable. So I was hoping I could have surgery. But then the surgeon at my health organization said I don’t think I’d recommend surgery. I think it’s too late for you! That’s when I decided to visit a number of other urologists. One of them was another urologist in my same health organization. He told me he thought I need to be ready to look at chronic long term cancer!   (click here to Read More)
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Will You Have Prostate Cancer?
There’s no way to answer this question. Medical science knows how cancer begins and how it grows, but no one yet knows exactly what triggers that initial cell mutation. Thus far, 24 different types of prostate cancer have been identified and, although I’m not a doctor, it could be that each one of these 24 varieties has a different cause.

What Can You Do?
You may not be able to prevent prostate cancer, but you can detect it as early as possible by creating a free, anonymous prostate cancer early warning system at http://ProstateTracker.org.

Just create your account and enter your annual PSA test value. ProstateTracker will show you if you have a rising PSA value. If you have a rising PSA value, consult your doctor or medical services provider immediately.

wpid-prostatetrackerwesbiteimage-2012-08-28-16-02.pngProstateTracker by PCAP

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