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My 2011 Cycling Report Card – How I’m Trying to Keep Prostate Cancer at Bay

How I’m keeping my prostate cancer from returning As most of my readers know, I’m a prostate cancer survivor, Class of 2003. As you can imagine, one of my key goals in life is to “Stay in the Picture.” Staying … Continue reading

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Why a Bowl of Cereal and a Banana for Breakfast will Make you Fat

Why the traditional bowl of cereal with milk and a banana may be the worst thing we can eat! The following link will take you to a recent video by Dr. Snuffy Myers on metabolic syndrome and why our traditional … Continue reading

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Veganism – Why I’m a Vegan “Lite”

The “Isms” If you’ve been following my posts over the past several months, you know that I have been reading and researching about vegetarianism and veganism -everything seems to be an “ism” – as a tool in my prostate cancer … Continue reading

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Urban Myths about Prostate Cancer – Post #1

  For most of the past 7+ years since my diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer, I’ve been looking for a complete set of statistics about the side effects of prostate cancer treatment, and I have never found them. What … Continue reading

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Pictures from our fundraising bicycle ride with Jeremiah Bishop last September in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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Congressional Men’s Health Caucus and Prostate Cancer Task Force

December 9th – my birthday – marked the first hearing by the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus to discuss the United States Preventative Service Task Force’s recent draft recommendation against the use of early screening tests for prostate cancer. Click the … Continue reading

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Why Men Need an Annual PSA Test

Why men need an annual PSA test. . . . . . and why we need to track those results ourselves! Here’s a typical recent prostate cancer survivor story “I had PSA tests at every annual physical from age 50 … Continue reading

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