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Methods for determining the prostate cancer staging or survivability

Prostate Cancer Pony Express Stories and PC Myths

The media continues to publish articles that reinforce the memes that prostate cancer is an old man’s disease and that annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) screening causes more harm than good. I don’t believe this is true and the stories … Continue reading

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How to Manage a Prostate Cancer “Watchful Waiting” Strategy

Observation as Good as Surgery for Some Men with Prostate Cancer? The controversy over treatment versus “watchful waiting” for prostate cancer patients seems never ending. The National Cancer Institute just released an article in it’s July 24, 2012 NCI Cancer … Continue reading

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A Simple Anti-body for the CD47 Protein Showing Real Promise in Cancer Cure

I ran across two very interesting articles this morning. The first summarizes research being done at Stanford University’s Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and the Ludwig Center for Cancer Stem Cell Research. In short, researchers have found … Continue reading

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How your wife can keep you from getting prostate cancer

The link at the bottom of this post will take you to a recent television interview on prostate cancer by Richard Peterson, PCAP Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rider #7, and prostate cancer survivor. Dick tells his story about how he … Continue reading

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Ronnie Montrose dies from Prostate Cancer at age 64

Don’t worry – you won’t die of Prostate Cancer. Wrong! When it comes to prostate cancer, the standard mantra is “every man will have prostate cancer in his lifetime, but most men die of something else.” This “most men” phrase … Continue reading

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Urban Myths about Prostate Cancer – Post #1

  For most of the past 7+ years since my diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer, I’ve been looking for a complete set of statistics about the side effects of prostate cancer treatment, and I have never found them. What … Continue reading

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Dr. Snuffy Myers on the PSA Testing Controversy

Over the past several weeks the prostate cancer community has been treated to yet another controversy over the value of the PSA test in detecting prostate cancer. The controversy just never seems to die and everyone has a different set … Continue reading

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