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4-Hour Prostate Cancer Recurrence Prevention?

Why The 4-Hour Body? I’ve just downloaded to my iPad a copy of Tim Ferriss‘s new book, the Four-Hour Body.  As you know from previous posts in this blog, and over at the MyBikeInfo blog, exercise is a key element … Continue reading

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How Fred Helps With My Prostate Cancer Recurrence Prevention

Exercise and Good Nutrition is the Best Insurance Plan I’ve posted before about the connection research is discovering between cancer, exercise, and nutrition. A recent article noted that, while all exercise is good, intense exercise provides the most protection. [Hard … Continue reading

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How to Predict The 15 Year Survival Probability for RP Treatment

I’m Always Searching for Good Statistical Tools I don’t know about other prostate cancer survivors but, as a 7-1/2 survivor, I’m keenly interested in survival statistics and potential recurrence-prevention strategies. Five-year survival statistics don’t have much value for me. The … Continue reading

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Study Shows Exercise Improves Odds Against Prostate Cancer Mortality

Exercise Does Seem to Matter One of the key elements of my post-treatment prostate cancer survival plan is exercise, and a recent study published in the Journal of Clinic Oncology seems to indicate that this was a good choice. Here’s … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions. Come and Get ‘Um!

How Many Resolutions Did You Make? [And which are the most important?] I have about four pages worth of resolutions covering all of the various aspects of my business and personal life. Just looking at everything I wrote down is … Continue reading

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