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Why Prostate Cancer Awareness is Critical

More sad prostate cancer stories I spent several hours this evening at the Alpine Gran Fondo gala dinner talking with men about prostate cancer testing and statistics. The stories of men being caught with advanced prostate cancer just keep coming … Continue reading

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Mountains to the right of me. Mountains to the Left of me!

What was I thinking? Tomorrow morning is the start of the inaugural Jeremiah Bishops’ Alpine Gran Fondo here in Harrisonburg, Virginia. When we think of bicycle climbing, we generally think of Colorado or perhaps in the California mountains. But Virginia … Continue reading

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36 Hours Until the Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Our Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders coming from Florida are already on the road and Saturday will see everyone converging on the meeting place in Mt. Vernon, Virginia. It you can’t ride with us, be at the fence in front … Continue reading

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48 Hours from the Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Riders are converging on Mt Vernon from Florida, Wisconsin, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania and California! Here’s the link to the final route along the George Washington Parkway: Even if you aren’t riding, please join us at the fence in front … Continue reading

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PCRI Conference Key Take-aways – Empowerment, Imaging, and Active Surveillance

Why the PCRI symposium is a great conference for prostate cancer survivors If you are a prostate cancer survivor like I am, chances are you spend a fair amount of time staying current on issues related to surviving prostate cancer … Continue reading

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PCRI – Dr. Charles E. “Snuffy” Myers (PSA recurrence)

Weight and fitness are key elements in prostate cancer prevention I’m sitting in a presentation by Dr. Myers dealing with recurrent prostate cancer, and his key points are: 1) the Mediterranean heart healthy diet, and 2) exercise – 30 minutes … Continue reading

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What’s the best test for recurrent prostate cancer?

Prostate Cancer Images Techniques. Which ones work? I’ve just listened to a presentation on prostate cancer imaging here at the Prostate Cancer Research Institute annual prostate cancer conference here in Los Angeles. According to Dr. Dusing’s presentation, the most effective … Continue reading

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