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Toward a rational strategy for prostate cancer screening. . .

How the Media Factor can Shorten Your Life We all watch the evening news and we all know that murder, mayhem, and catastrophes, natural and man-made, come first because they are more exciting. The same is true when the media … Continue reading

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Why Men Should Have a PSA Test and How To Get it Done

How do I get a PSA test? A colleague recently asked me how to go about getting a PSA test.  As a prostate cancer survivor, I thought all guys know this.  Then, I remembered that prior to my own diagnosis … Continue reading

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Minorities, Especially Blacks, are More Willing to Spend All for Cancer Care

Cure or Prevention. Where Should Our Focus Be? I just read the article below my comments and several questions come to mind: First, why are minorities more willing to devote all of their financial resources to curing their disease, and … Continue reading

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