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Ronnie Montrose dies from Prostate Cancer at age 64

Don’t worry – you won’t die of Prostate Cancer. Wrong! When it comes to prostate cancer, the standard mantra is “every man will have prostate cancer in his lifetime, but most men die of something else.” This “most men” phrase … Continue reading

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Surgery vs Radiation for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Hear what Dr. Snuffy Myers has to say about surgery versus radiation for the treatment of prostate cancer. ►

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How Did You Make Your Treatment Decision?

The Emperor of All Maladies A recently published book calls cancer “The Emperor of all Maladies,” and I can’t imagine any medical diagnosis that brings more fear and dread in its wake. Despite all of the research and investment focused … Continue reading

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Need a Great Christmas Present for a Prostate Cancer Survivor?

Exercise and Carry the Awareness Message Exercise, mostly bicycling, has been a huge help to me over the past seven years of my prostate cancer survivorship. Exercise of any sort provides both mental and physical benefits.  Since my treatment in … Continue reading

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Is Your PSA Rising Slightly?

Laboratory Testing Procedures May Have Changed One of the prostate cancer survivor lists I follow now has an active discussion going with a number of men who have experienced a rise in the PSA levels. One of the list participants … Continue reading

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