Without PSA Screening, Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases Would Increase Dramatically

A recent study published in WebMD looks at the results of PSA screening and finds that the PSA test has significant reduced the number of men who are diagnosed each year with advanced prostate cancer, the kind that generally kills men within two years of diagnosis.
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July 30, 2012 — If it weren’t for routine PSA prostate cancer screening, an extra 17,000 Americans each year would learn that they had the worst form of the disease, a new study suggests.
That kind of prostate cancer — metastatic prostate cancer, in which the cancer spreads to the bone or other parts of the body — is rapidly fatal, usually within two years or less. More. . .
Should Men Test
I’m not a physician and I don’t give medical advice, but my person experience with prostate cancer convinced me that PSA screening is critical to beating prostate cancer.
Finding out if you are the one in six men (one in four for African Americans) as early as possible is the only way to have the full range of treatment options available.
If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s important to talk with your doctor and carefully weight the potential side effects of treatment versus closely monitoring disease progression.
How to Put Your Prostate Cancer Early Warning System in Place
The PSA test isn’t perfect, but it’s the best tool available at the moment. One of prostate cancer’s few telltale signs is a rising PSA test value from one year to the next.
Men now can create a free prostate cancer early warning system at http://ProstateTracker.org. ProstateTracker reveals any upward PSA trend so that it can be evaluated by medical service providers.
Every man 35 and older should have an annual PSA test and personally track that information in ProstateTracker.

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