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Toward a rational strategy for prostate cancer screening. . .

How the Media Factor can Shorten Your Life We all watch the evening news and we all know that murder, mayhem, and catastrophes, natural and man-made, come first because they are more exciting. The same is true when the media … Continue reading

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The 11th Wonder of the World!

Here’s The Reason the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Exists The following quote comes from a prostate cancer survivor group I belong to: “At the age of 51, three years ago, I was diagnosed with metastatic PC, Gleason 3+4, and a … Continue reading

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How Did You Make Your Treatment Decision?

The Emperor of All Maladies A recently published book calls cancer “The Emperor of all Maladies,” and I can’t imagine any medical diagnosis that brings more fear and dread in its wake. Despite all of the research and investment focused … Continue reading

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The Power of a Picture

Our New 29000 Men Cycling Jersey Comes Through I was at the LA Velodrome’s open training session yesterday afternoon for some much needed exercise during our extended rainy period here in Los Angeles, and our new jersey design came into … Continue reading

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Is Your PSA Rising Slightly?

Laboratory Testing Procedures May Have Changed One of the prostate cancer survivor lists I follow now has an active discussion going with a number of men who have experienced a rise in the PSA levels. One of the list participants … Continue reading

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“Cancer Activism” – a Must Read

Why Prostate Cancer Languishes If you are a prostate cancer survivor, someone working in the advocacy field, or a family member, you may have asked yourself why prostate cancer, with its larger annual new case toll, seems to neglected in … Continue reading

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We may be winning the war on cancer, but new statistics show we are losing the prostate cancer battle.

Prostate cancer deaths are increasing. Don’t become a statistic. Test annually. Track the results personally. See your doctor if there is an increase. Continue reading

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