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Dr. Snuffy Myers on how to prevent prostate cancer recurrence

As an eight year prostate cancer survivor myself, prostate cancer recurrence prevention, or PCa Growth Arrest as Dr. Myers terms it, is number one of my list of priorities. I’ve met and talked with Dr. Myers twice at the annual … Continue reading

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Circumcision May Prevent Prostate Cancer

Just how can circumcision prevent prostate Cancer?
As with many prostate cancer survivors, I spend a fair amount of time reading articles about what causes prostate cancer. I’m interesting in sharing that information with men who are not yet diagnosed as … Continue reading

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Ronnie Montrose dies from Prostate Cancer at age 64

Don’t worry – you won’t die of Prostate Cancer. Wrong! When it comes to prostate cancer, the standard mantra is “every man will have prostate cancer in his lifetime, but most men die of something else.” This “most men” phrase … Continue reading

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Surgery vs Radiation for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Hear what Dr. Snuffy Myers has to say about surgery versus radiation for the treatment of prostate cancer. ►

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Congressional Men’s Health Caucus and Prostate Cancer Task Force

December 9th – my birthday – marked the first hearing by the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus to discuss the United States Preventative Service Task Force’s recent draft recommendation against the use of early screening tests for prostate cancer. Click the … Continue reading

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Toward a rational strategy for prostate cancer screening. . .

How the Media Factor can Shorten Your Life We all watch the evening news and we all know that murder, mayhem, and catastrophes, natural and man-made, come first because they are more exciting. The same is true when the media … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Juice – Tart but True

Pomegranate Juice – Benefits Seem to Be There The following post appeared this morning in the Advance Cancer Blog: “In 2005 there was a small clinical trial performed at UCLA evaluating pomegranate juice and its ability to control PSA for … Continue reading

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