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How Starvation (somewhat modified) can be an Effective Cancer Treatment

Prevention and Recurrence Prevention All of us are creatures of habit. We tend to follow the cow path, doing what we always have done and eating what we learned to eat in our youth. Behavior change is difficult but by … Continue reading

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Do we have the power to control cancer ourselves?

Why do most cancer survivors ignore the tools they have within their personal control? My older sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2002. She passed away from the disease in February 2003, just a few days before her … Continue reading

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Do you believe the data in the China Study? I’m pretty certain I do.

My PSA hasn’t changed but should I still worry? In yesterday’s post I talked about my PSA trend. I have the data from yesterday’s test and graphed it against my tests since April 2007 [see below]. As you can see, … Continue reading

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