Dr. Snuffy Myers on the PSA Testing Controversy

Over the past several weeks the prostate cancer community has been treated to yet another controversy over the value of the PSA test in detecting prostate cancer. The controversy just never seems to die and everyone has a different set of statistics. Even getting good data from the government SEER data base is a challenge.

Incidence up but mortality down since the PSA test was introduced

The SEER database shows that prostate cancer incidence continues to increase and that the mortality rate has dropped since the introduction of the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test in the early 1990s. [http://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/prost.html]

Would you rather be diagnosed while your cancer is in it’s early stages or after it has spread in your body?

100% of men whose prostate cancer is detected before metastasis survive 5 years. But 72.2% of men diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer are dead within 5 years.

With a 72% death rate within 5 years for advanced prostate cancer diagnosis, how can competent medical authorities recommend ending prostate cancer testing, which is the only method for early detection?

Dr. Myers on the PSA controversy
Take a moment and view this video from a physician working in this field who is, himself, a prostate cancer survivor http://askdrmyers.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/prostate-cancer-screening/

How you can help save men’s lives

  1. Education about the prostate cancer risk and how to detect it early are critical factors in beating this disease.
  2. Beginning in March 2012, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s “Prostate Cancer Pony Express” will visit every state in the union and end in Washington, DC on September 9, 2012.
  3. We will be carrying survivor and victim journals in our saddlebags that will be read at the annual memorial service at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, and then be presented to Congress.  If you have a loved one who was a prostate cancer victim or is a current survivor, send us their name for inclusion in the journals.
  4. Join us on Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prostate-Cancer-Pony-Express/139398576121502], and at our Blog [http://prostatecancerponyexpress.wordpress.com/].
  5. Sign up to be part of the 2012 Prostate Cancer Pony Express at http://bit.ly/2012ProstateCancerPonyExpress.

How you can participate in the 2012 Prostate Cancer Pony Express

Sign up as a Prostate Cancer Pony Express rider. Even if you cannot be with us in person, your ‘virtual’ presence will help us show Congress the importance of prostate cancer research and awareness programs.

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2012ProstateCancerPonyExpress

Ride along with the Prostate Cancer Pony Express when it comes through your state. The route is posted here [http://bit.ly/2012ProstateCancerPonyExpressRouteCard] You can join on your motorcycle or in your car.

There will be a handoff ceremony in each state where one group of Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders passes the saddlebags to the next group of riders. There will be a press conference at each event and we need people to be present.

Sign up for our email newsletter here: [http://prostatecancerponyexpress.wordpress.com/ride-information-update/]

We hope to see you somewhere along the way in 2012.

Warm regards, Robert

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