Want to Earn Some Free iTunes Bucks?

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48% of At Risk Men Do Not Test Annually for Prostate Cancer
You’ve heard me say it many times, it’c critical for men to test annually for prostate cancer. Despite the continual rehashing in the popular media of the debate over the efficacy of the PSA (prostate specific antigen test), the Internet bulletin boards where prostate cancer survivors communicate is full of story after story from men whose lives were saved by that simple PSA test.

How to Get Tested for Just $26.00 per Year
Men can take a PSA test through Bloodtestathome.com for $26.00. That mean’s a man can test himself for 30 years for a total cost of $780.00.

If the report shows a rise in value from one year to the next, men should contact their health care provider immediately.*

Now, About those Free iTunes Dollars
I’ll be in Solvang, California this weekend to ride the Solvang Century bicycle ride. Just find me, say the phrase “Got PSA?”, and you’ll receive $5.00 in free iTunes cash.

Look for me in the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project uniform. I’ll be checking in using Foursquare, Twitter, and my trust GPS device, SPOT.
SPOT wpid-img_1295-2011-03-11-09-04.jpg

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